Protect What's Important & Create Value as a Reseller Partner

Performance and
Uptime: Going
Beyond Hosting

DNS is the critical link that ensures customer domains are continually available to visitors and consumers.

Yet the importance of this essential infrastructure is often underestimated, resulting in underdeployed and overburdened name servers, often on the same network or within the same facility. This can lead to inefficient performance and leave customers vulnerable to unplanned downtime from name server failures, loss of power or connectivity, and DNS based attacks. DNS powered by Comodo is a critical component of an always-available infrastructure. We manage the entire DNS environment while you control all of your data, with no additional equipment required.

Built for Success for
Demanding Clients

Today's competitive fast paced global market demands instant response times and highly accurate responses.

DNS is the ideal solutions partner for companies seeking to capitalize on the explosion of e-commerce and Web traffic. Out instantly scalable cloud-based architecture provides the reliability and performance required to ensure timely operation at all times, even at high volumes. Leverage our industry leading security expertise in managing DNS traffic to ensure end users are routed quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. By combining this service with your web hosting or domain registration services, you're guaranteeing your customers that their domains will be online around the clock, keeping them connected with confidence.

Your Own Global DNS Network in No Time

By reselling's custom anycast network, located across multiple networks and continents, you can deliver performance levels twice as fast as traditional DNS, backed by one of the highest SLAs in the industry with a 100% uptime history. Our network of name servers in fault tolerant, highly recoverable geographically distributed data centers provide redundancy in the case of regional outages, making it possible to simply route around outages. We provide a quick and easy ramp up to readily integrate into your environment, simplifying the challenges of DNS deployment and making it possible to launch a premium high-availability DNS network without the startup costs, R&D, or maintenance.

Safeguard Your
Customers' Domains

The web is so central to the success of many businesses, they cannot afford for their web presence to be disrupted.

In the face of mounting threats, being proactive in protecting against danger is no longer an option, it is a must. Registrars, registries and web hosts must be equipped to protect their users and networks. To identify and mitigate such attacks requires constant monitoring and updates of DNS infrastructure. Comodo facilitates the safeguarding of your customers' DNS infrastructure, blocking the DNS exploits that put customers at risk. By upgrading to the DNS anycast network, resellers can limit their customers' risk.

Increase Customer
Service & Loyalty

Why send customers to another provider for DNS when they can obtain this value-adding service directly from you.

Dedicated DNS service is at the core of millions of websites, from small organizations to extremely large enterprises, whose requirements exceed traditional service provider offerings. supports and surpasses these requirements with considerable flexibility and simplicity in the way our solution is deployed and managed. By ensuring a high level of service, organizations can promote trust and loyalty among customers. Manage the entire lifecycle of your customers to deliver a consistent experience, ensuring they receive the same level of customer service and support. has the security expertise, solutions and resources to provide reseller partners a valuable platform that enables business continuity.