Who We Are

Our passion is delivering high tech services with a personal touch. DNS solutions improve the performance and scalability of thousands of websites and applications. We help everyday businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their audiences faster and more reliably by making DNS simple, usable, and fast.

About Comodo

DNS is a service of Comodo®, a leading brand in Internet security with 200,000 business customers and 8,000 partners and affiliates, in business since 1998. Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. Online threats directly harm millions of Internet users each day and are eroding our trust in the Internet. Every individual or business using the Internet has a role in restoring this trust. The Comodo family of companies is providing the tools we all need to do it. Comodo's team of 700 people has a passion for meeting these challenges head-on - Creating Trust Online® for individuals, e-merchants, small to medium businesses and large enterprises.


Simple Beginnings

DNS was formed when the founders, running a small software startup in Louisville, KY, needed tools to help scale and manage the growing traffic to our websites. We wanted more than an ultra reliable network that wouldn't let us down. What we needed was a flexible solution that was easy to use, innovative technology to help our business grow, and a company who treated us like people instead of a sales goal.

As we searched for a solution, what we encountered were high-priced providers with few included features and lengthy contract commitments. Exploring these systems, we were alarmed to find archaic control systems with difficult to use workflows. We knew there had to be a better way.

Two years in development and many late nights later, we released the enterprise level managed service that would become DNS. Embraced by our colleagues and other small businesses, DNS now powers the authoritative DNS infrastructure of thousands of customers worldwide, from small organizations to extremely large enterprises, domain name registrars and web hosting solution providers.

Culture of Innovation

DNS has introduced several significant innovations along the way:

DNS Security - Comodo actively participates in the IETF to promote useful adaptations of DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions), including proposals for Extended Service Description (ESRV) records, DNS resource records that provide information to applications attempting to establish a network connection, and DNS Packet Layer Security (DPLS), a mechanishm for encrypting and authenticating DNS protocol messages.

GeoDNS - In 2008, DNS created the first plug-and-play geolocation solution, expanding the reach and cost-effectiveness for websites, applications and marketers to geotarget their content, traffic and advertisements. Our rules-based system turned the problem of integrating location services on its head with a web based model that allows anyone to customize URL responses on the fly, without the need for on-page code or specialized programming knowledge. DNS is unique in offering the most precise geolocation in the industry, with city-level targeting available in more than 200 countries as a standard feature on all accounts.

Comodo is a proponent of the Global Internet Speedup initiative (EDNS Client Subnet) to improve accuracy about a request's origin for networks to make intelligent routing decisions and prevent resolution lag-time.

Open API - Entering an era of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud-based computing, we quickly recognized the need for easy and usable DNS integration with other applications. In early 2009, DNS introduced the first fully featured open API for managed domain name system services.

Simple Workflow - DNS introduced the biggest new UI approach the industry has seen in years with our simplified management interface. By keeping DNS processes simple and logical, we have been able to provide extremely advanced functionality that doesn't require a manual to use. We are focused on providing useful features you need to grow your business, and continue to improve our system based on feedback from our customers so we can provide you with an even better user experience.